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I’ve loved introducing you to the entrepreneurial women of Brunch and Brand, but the fun has to eventually come to a close. Last but not least, it’s Megan Reed! I met Megan a couple of years ago when she and her husband were modeling for a photography workshop I attended. In between locations, I asked […]

Megan Reed

Spotlight: Megan Reed

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Another day, another spotlight! Meet Torey! I hadn’t met Torey in person before Brunch and Brand, but we’d been part of the same community (shoutout to Megan Reed’s Creating Confidence Society) so we’d seen each other on Zoom calls before. Turns out, Torey grew up just a few towns away from me! She’s an online […]

Torey Berndt

Spotlight: Torey Berndt

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Let me introduce you to another one of the fabulous women who joined us for Brunch & Brand! Meet Janna Splitter! She and her husband, Matt, own and operate a fifth-generation family farm in central Kansas. I met the Splitters more than a decade ago in our old stomping grounds of Manhattan, Kansas, where we […]

Janna Splitter

Spotlight: Janna Splitter

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It’s been over 3 weeks since my first Brunch & Brand and the party is still happening! This week, I’m introducing you to each of the entrepreneurial women who attended. They are UH-MAZING, of course. What do a Master Gardner, a private chef, plant medicine educator, designer, hospitality and restaurant administration degree holder, small business […]

Alana Fravell

Spotlight: Alana Fravell