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Spotlight: Megan Reed

I’ve loved introducing you to the entrepreneurial women of Brunch and Brand, but the fun has to eventually come to a close. Last but not least, it’s Megan Reed!

I met Megan a couple of years ago when she and her husband were modeling for a photography workshop I attended. In between locations, I asked what she did for a living, and her answer changed my life.

See, I’d been self-employed for almost a decade at that point, but I wasn’t where I really wanted to be with my business. When Megan told me she was a coach helping clients gain more confidence and set boundaries, I wish you could have see the lightbulb flick on. Those were the EXACT things holding me back. That summer, I signed up as a 1:1 coaching client and have never looked back.

Fast forward to fall 2022, the idea for Brunch and Brand came up while attending Hey Biz Besties, a retreat hosted by Megan and her real-life biz bestie Taylor Thompson. I obviously owe a LOT of credit to Megan for helping me get this event off the ground.

So, anyhow, enough about me. Back to Megan. Aside from having a ton of things in common, she is one of the coolest humans I’ve ever met. She is a special blend of wisdom and wit, someone you can really trust to have your best interests in mind, even if she’s dishing out tough love. Whatever is standing in your way, she helps you bust through that wall like the Kool-Aid Man.

Megan Reed

Megan helps people create confidence to go after what they truly want in life and business. (It really works. The entire Brunch and Brand event is a prime example.)

She’s all about creativity, empathy, integrity, and empowerment. She’s real, raw, and honest, and is really good at making you feel seen and heard. Most importantly, she equips you with the tools you need to be who you truly are, build unshakable self-confidence, and create badass boundaries.

Megan seriously does it all (but how, I don’t know. Maybe magic?). Course creator, life coach with a TON of certifications, Reiki healer, hypnotherapist, retreat host, stand-up comedian, speaker, author, and a LOT more. Whether you need a confidence boost, a kick in the ass, or a good laugh, she’s your girl. She’s even been selected as a top business coach by CoachFoundation and a top self-love and confidence coach by Disrupt Magazine. It’s safe to say that she knows her stuff.

It was SO fun to have Megan at Brunch and Brand. Go check her out at @heymeganreed or I promise you’ll be glad you did!

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