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Spotlight: Alana Fravell

It’s been over 3 weeks since my first Brunch & Brand and the party is still happening! This week, I’m introducing you to each of the entrepreneurial women who attended. They are UH-MAZING, of course.

What do a Master Gardner, a private chef, plant medicine educator, designer, hospitality and restaurant administration degree holder, small business owner, all have in common?

They’re all describing Alana Fravell!

I first met Alana at Hey Biz Besties last fall in Scottsdale, Arizona, and what a powerhouse this woman is! She’s absolutely killing it as a speaker and educator on lifestyle and wellness, plus she’s an integral part of her husband’s family business, Sugar Grove Growers in Troy, MO.

She describes herself as a “blunt AF, no BS lifestyle guide”, and I have to say, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear her dish out advice on all the things without the sugar coating.

Alana believes how we show up in the world starts with how we care for ourselves.

Boom. Let that just sit with you for a little bit.

See, Alana is dedicated to helping her audience live a life of quality. To be the best YOU that you can be. Whether it’s crafting healthy dishes in the kitchen, styling your home to reflect your personality, setting boundaries with food pushers or energy vampires, growing houseplants or hosting gatherings that feel happy instead of hectic, ALANA HAS YOU COVERED.

  • Wanna kick alcohol or sugar? She’s done it and has the receipts. Mocktails, anyone?
  • Curious how to use essential oils in your home or cooking? She’s done virtual classes on it.
  • Dreaming of creating a mood in your home with scents and textures? She’ll show you her ways.

For real, Alana has knowledge in SO many areas, she’s like a walking Pinterest board. Go check her out at or on Insta @alanafravell.

Thank you, Alana, for joining us for Brunch & Brand and sharing your perspective and energy with us!

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