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Spotlight: Janna Splitter

Let me introduce you to another one of the fabulous women who joined us for Brunch & Brand! Meet Janna Splitter! She and her husband, Matt, own and operate a fifth-generation family farm in central Kansas.

I met the Splitters more than a decade ago in our old stomping grounds of Manhattan, Kansas, where we all attended Kansas State University (albeit at totally different times, I’m just a wee bit older). It’s been fun to have our paths cross so frequently over the years, and I was thrilled when Janna signed up for Brunch & Brand because I couldn’t wait for the other women to meet her! She’s truly special.

Like a lot of women involved in farming, she wears many hats: wife, mom, farm manager, and many more. What blows me away is how she does it with such skill and grace. Like how the heck does she juggle all the things? I’m going to need some serious pointers.

Janna Splitter

Janna’s passionate about teaching her two daughters about opportunities for women in agriculture (and the world) and showing them ways that “you can have it all.”

Over the years, Janna’s really figured out how to work smarter so she can be present with her family while also helping grow their business exponentially. This isn’t the farm you might be picturing. The Splitters are dreaming without limits and making big things happen, yet they remain some of the most down-to-earth folks you’ll ever meet.

It wasn’t by design, but Matt and Janna were thrust into taking the reins of the family farm at a very young age, which means they’ve been growing the farm and their family simultaneously. They’ve been recognized nationally and are involved in peer groups, sharing their experience and perspective with others in the agriculture industry. Janna also frequently speaks to audiences off-the-farm sharing the story of how her family raises crops to feed the world.

In the meantime, Janna’s been strategizing about how to grow the farm’s digital presence and improve communication with current and potential landlords, industry partners, and more. She’s all about building connections and relationships, going above and beyond to provide a great experience. She’s genuinely interested in helping landowners succeed and creating a company culture where their employees are part of the family. Like I said, she’s wearing A LOT of hats.

So glad that Janna joined us for Brunch & Brand! Be sure to check out what she’s up to over on Instagram @jannasplitter and @splitterfarms.

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